Inductioin Cooktop 4 Burners

Inductioin Cooktop 4 Burners
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Working Principle The two main components of the ‘Control Induction’ hob are the induction heating coils, and the control system. The electronic control system energizes the coils, causing them to generate powerful magnetic fields in the areas immediately above the coils. These fields travel through the vitro ceramic plate on which the pans are placed and eddy currents are formed in the ferromagnetic materials in the pans. The tremendous energy generated by the eddy currents heat the food directly by conducting the heat through the base of the pans and into the food. Good quality pans suited to the particular cooking processes being carried out are essential for obtaining good cooking results Safety This hob is designed for domestic use. With a view to constantly improving our products, we reserve the right to make any changes to their technical, programming or aesthetic features connected with their technical evolution.

  • Over- Temperature Protection
  • Detection of Small Articles
  • Heat Indication
  • Auto shutdown protection
  • Temperature sensors are fitted and can monitor the temperatures inside the hob. When an excessive temperature is monitored, the induction hob will stop operation automatically.
    If a pot of less than 80 mm in diameter, small articles (knife, fork, scissors, keys , etc.) or non-magnetic pots (such as aluminum ) are sensed, the buzzers give out an alarm lasting about 30 seconds. If a suitable pan is not placed on the hob the cooker will switch off.
    When the hob is used for a long time, residual heat remains in the heating zone for a few minutes. The code "H" appears, warning the user to avoid touching the heating zone.
    Auto shut down is a safety protection function for your induction cooker. It will shut down automatically if you forget to turn off your cooking. When a pot is removed, the induction hotplate will stop heating that zone immediately and shut it down after the buzzer sounds for 1 minute. Reminder: People with a heart pacemaker should only use this product under the guidance of the doctor. Installation Cut an aperture in the table surface in accordance with the sizes shown in the drawing. For the purpose of installation, and use, a minimum of 50 mm space shall be preserved around the hole. Be sure the thickness of the table surface is at least 30mm. Please select heat-resistant table material to avoid deformation caused by the heat radiation from the hotplate. As an alternative to the method below the hob can be flush mounted provided the adjacent surface is stainless steel or some other suitable heat proof

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